Chromebook Powerwash

Reset a chromebook

David Newsom

Last Update há 5 meses

1. Press and hold the Esc key and Refresh key (the circular arrow key above the #4 key), while holding both of those keys down, then press the Power Button and let go when the screen turns black. The Chromebook will reboot.

2. You will see a screen that says, "Chrome OS is missing or damaged".

If the computer asks for a USB stick/card then proceed to step 3.

3. Press the Ctrl + the "D" key at the same time. Follow all of the instructions on each following screen. They should be like the next steps.

4. Screen says, "To turn OS verification OFF, press Enter".

5. Press Enter.

6. Screen will say, "OS verification is off".

7. Press the spacebar.

8. Screen will say, "Press Enter..."

9. Press Enter. The Chromebook will reboot.

10. You will see the Welcome screen.

11. Click "Let's go".

12. Connect to your wireless network.

13. Click "Accept and continue".

14. Enterprise Enrollment should start and happen automatically. If it doesn't then login with the student's email address, example: [email protected] and use the student's password.

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